Plan and adjust accordingly to a situation

Carrying too many gadgets/stuff at once is one of the things that a mobile phone will definitely cure: no more bringing video/photo cameras, video players, music players, wrist watches, pen or paper–it’s all in one gadget. It even seems very minimalistic to just bring one thing instead a bag-full of stuff.

However that concerns me as a centralization of all those stuff can be its strength and weakness at the same time. If the mobile phone runs out of charge one can’t use it anymore until it can be recharged somewhere else. If the memory card is full of music files then one can no longer add any more photos. That happened to me when I still had my old mobile phone: I used it as my music player then as a video camera recorder at one time and it ran out of charge in a few hours…

Maybe the question here is not whether one should bring a smartphone out of the house, but rather what one should bring at all. This reminds me of two sayings: “Never bring a knife to a gunfight” and “don’t kill a fly with a bazooka”. One should plan and adjust accordingly to a situation.

For example, I won’t need to bring a pen and paper inside a dark cinema nor a music player at a concert although I could use a small flashlight to guide myself in and out of the cinema or a video camera to record a movie about the concert. Bring stuff that you’ll definitely need in a given situation.

However, not all plans work out the way one plans it most of the time. This is where adjusting to an unexpected situation comes in. If I suddenly needed to use a mobile phone and I didn’t have one, what are my other options? Look for a stand-alone telephone box? Ask a friend if he or she has a mobile phone on him or her? Go to the nearest place I know that has a phone?

The question I posted on whether I should keep my mobile phone or not has been answered: I’ll only bring it when the situation calls for it.

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