My minimalist Trisquel GNU/Linux set-up

Making one’s desktop as clean as possible is what I want to happen here. Most may say that I should transfer to another GNU/Linux distribution or use another desktop like Xfce, but I find Trisquel the easiest to use and Gnome as the most eye-catching.

I’m currently using Trisquel GNU/Linux 4.5 Slaine on a Gnome 2.32 desktop, but the instructions below should work with almost any Debian 6 or Ubuntu 10.10 based distro with the same Gnome version.

This is what my desktop looks like:

  • I removed all my desktop icons by using gconf. You can follow the directions here.
  • I use only one panel and these are the properties:
    • Orientation: Bottom
    • Size: 21
    • Autohide: checked
    • Background: None
  • I Installed the following:
  • I only added the most necessary info/shortcut in the panel. In my case I only left the ones listed below:
    • Kupfer icon: to know if it’s working
    • Sound: so I can easily lower or amplify volume while listening to music or videos
    • Time/Date/Temp/Weather: for obvious purposes
    • Main Menu: I’d use it in cases where I can’t remember the program name I was looking for in Kupfer.
  • My theme is SkiesOfAzel’s Atolm and here are some instructions on how to install it.
  • My desktop background is from Omni by fancq

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